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I am working in unique ways part painting part sculpture that have evolved from the my desire to create art that reflects my present mood and hope to evoke happiness in others. All my past paintings have led me to this time of discovery I wanted these works to reflect the place I’ve accepted, a place were bold colors and fun is embraced . I feel I am growing as an artist and in doing so I even took over my husband‘s home office space to make my art studio bigger,bigger art needs space to grow and my husband was very gracious about it and is very proud of his wife’s passion to create. I am the mother of two young ladies both amazing artists and have been an award winning art teacher for over twenty years in Stamford Connecticut at Newfield elementary school. I display a sign on the door to my classroom “YOU ARE THE BOSS OF YOUR OWN ART WORK” to inspire my students to take pride in their work and own it. “I believe when children take ownership of their work and are not doing cookie “cutter art” their creativity soars and we build out of the box thinkers” My students no fear attitude towards creating keeps my work young .

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love playing this when my students are working: http://www.stereomood.com/mood/calm

http://www.stereomood.com/mood calm

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